About Solberga Konfektyrfabrik AB

Solberga Konfektyrfabrik was founded in 1968 by Nisse Velander, former production manager at Thule Chokladfabrik.
He koncenterade on the small handmade niche products mint kisses and marmalade, which is still the core of the production. Even coconut balls were originally included in the range.
In 1994, retired Nisse and the company was taken over by the current owner Tony Nilsson.
The expanded range of toffee, marzipan figurines, candy canes and lollipops.
Everything in the old-fashioned traditional niche. In recent years, even a specific imports to come.
Solberga takes pride in always delivering products of the highest quality.
We currently supply to all the major restaurant wholesalers, Martin Servera, Axfood, Menigo.
We sell bark our prepackaged cellophane bags to over 250 ICA stores.
In addition to this we also have our steady clientele of shops, museums, kiosks, village shops and much more.
We hope to continue to deliver products and services of the highest quality!

Solbergas Development

We always try to innovate and regularly reviews our products for enhancements and further developments we can do.

In recent years, a major part of the development has been on finding new packaging opportunities and give our customers the opportunity to own print and design.

We are also the fairs where we show off our new concept and looking for new ideas.
We are every year at Formex in Stockholm, as well as the ISM in Cologne, Germany.
Besides these we participate at some other varied events throughout the year.

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